BOCK - In The Raw (2003)

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BOCK - In The Raw (2003)

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Tracks from the BOCK Band Sessions MMIII
Drums: Armin.Rühl

Bass: Manne.Praeker

Guitars: Peter.Stahl , Bernhard.Potschka

Percussion: Mark.Essien

Vocals: Wale.Bakare
Sound Engineer: Stephan.Ullmann

Studios: Mad Mix Studio - Monchique PT | Deltasoul Studio . Rauenberg D

"In & around me" (Potschka/Bakare)
...twisted meanings to it all
I share everything I am
once a Man & twice a child
& knowledge remains...

"Here I stand" (Potschka/Bakare)

"Right Night/No Turning Back" (Praeker/Bakare)
...It´s all the way, full sails on stormy waters
i might say sunlights will meet us there
it wont be long now
there´s history in the making
we´re under moon & stars
& we´ve come this far....

"Never Forget" (Rosendahl/Bakare)

"Down On Earth" (Potschka/Bakare)
...going & coming it´s like a permanent running
packing the book & the gun & wanting to stick us all up
now Beggars & Kings they want to get in the Ring
for a bigger than Life thing
going to stick us all up...
Bon Voyage, Manne!